Current Legislation

Get political for animals! The Humane Society Legislative Fund of Kansas (HSLF of Kansas) is the state’s leading political advocacy organization for animals, supporting candidates for office based on their records or positions on animal issues rather than on political party or affiliation.  We are actively involved in the legislative process at the State Capitol in Topeka and are working to oppose or support the following bills. To access additional information regarding bills currently under consideration in the Kansas Legislature go to and click on Bill Finder on the left-side of the screen.

2018 Legislative Session Bills


HB 2516/SB 318 - The Kids and Companion Animals Act concerning civil actions; relating to the Good Samaritan law and immunity from liability; for unattended persons and animals - Support.

HB 2516 bill has passed out of the House Judiciary committee and currently sits on General Orders to be debated in the full House soon.


HB 2545 - Expanded Lottery Act; allows greyhound racing again in Kansas - Oppose.  

Hearing on this bill is scheduled in the House Federal & State Affairs committee at 9 am on Tues. 2/13 in the Old Supreme Court Room at the State Capitol.


HB 2477/SB 286 - Increases license fees for licensees under the KS Pet Animal Act - Oppose.

HB 2477 had a hearing in the House Agriculture committee on Jan. 30.  Working the bill has not been scheduled at this time.


HB 2276 - Concerning exotic animals - Support with amendments as stated.

Addresses concerns raised in testimony in the 2017 session. The amendments will: reinstate the USDA exemption, add a Lemur exemption and motion picture association exemption for filming with exotic animals.  Hearing has not been scheduled at this time.



2017 Legislative Session Bill Review


SB 47 - Amends the Kansas Pet Animal Act - Support

HSLF of KS/HSUS amended SB 47 in the Senate to include unannounced inspections and penalties for failed inspections and no shows. SB 47 with our amendments passed the Senate 34-5 on February 23.

SB 47 passed the House Agricultural Committee on March 23. However, despite committee approval, the leadership did not bring the bill up for a vote in the full House.  The bill was stricken from the House Calendar by leadership on March 30, 2017, to prevent a vote on this matter.  


SB 207/S Sub for HB 2386 /HB 2173/ Greyhound Racing - Oppose

These are companion bills promoted by Phil Ruffin to bring back greyhound racing at The Woodlands, Wichita Greyhound Park and Camptown.

On February 13th the House Federal and State Affairs Committee narrowly passed HB 2173 and recommended it to the full House. Before debate the bill was referred to the House Appropriations Committee. On May 10, the House Appropriations Committee defeated HB 2173, 13-8.   

In the Senate, on March 30, a senator tried to amend HB 2313 (lottery bill) to include the Ruffin proposals from SB 207. The amendment failed 22-17.

Then on May 8, the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee amended the contents of SB 207 into S Sub for HB 2386 and recommended it to the full Senate. The Senate did not take action on the bill because the previous efforts to include the Ruffin proposals had been defeated by the Senate in March by a vote of 22 -17.   


SB 162/HB 2276 - Support

Amends the Dangerous Regulated Animal Act to ban private ownership of non-human primates and wolves. HB 2276 had a hearing in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee on March 22. The bill received support from the Kansas American Zoological Association, Kansas Animal Control Association, HSLF of Kansas, HSUS, shelters and others. The bill was opposed by Tanganyika Wildlife Park and a private USDA-licensed rescue.

While the bill did not advance this session, it can be revisited in 2018. The companion bill (SB 162) did not get a hearing in the Senate Ag Committee.


HB 2302 - Support

Strengthens and streamlines the statutes governing the crimes of cruelty to animals and dogfighting. The update to the law will help local governments and law enforcement recover the cost of animal care in cruelty cases. In addition, the bill prohibits animals from being returned to or remain with a person adjudicated guilty of animal cruelty, a priority for policy makers.

HB 2302 was signed into law by the Governor on May 5th. The law went into effect on July 1, 2017.