Americans spend about $60 billion on pets annually – a sign of just how important our four-legged friends are in our lives.  Dogs, cats and other pets deserve protections from cruelty and abuse.

HSLF of Kansas’ mission is to stop abusive “puppy mills” in the state of Kansas. “Puppy mills” are inhumane commercial breeding operations that maximize profits by disregarding dogs’ physical and emotional health. 

Kansas is tied fof second in the nation for the number of problem dog breeders cited for atrocious violations. Their puppies suffer filthy or unsafe housing often in small wire cages, spoiled food, dirty water, and a host of untreated medical conditions. Those that survive are then sold to pet stores or to unsuspecting consumers over the Internet. In the end, not only do the animals and consumers suffer but also the good breeders, shelters and rescues, and Kansas taxpayers who bear the costs of sick and unsocialized dogs. It is heartbreaking for families when they buy a new puppy from a pet store, or at a flea market or over the Internet, and then realize soon after they come home that the puppy is sick and will require expensive veterinary services or could possibly die.

Our goal is to stop this abuse and end Kansas’ shameful reputation as a “puppy mill” state.  HSLF of Kansas is working to update the laws that govern breeding operations in Kansas —notably the Kansas Pet Animal Act— and strengthen the enforcement of those laws. High standards of care coupled with vigorous enforcement will benefit the animals, responsible breeders and consumers.

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